First Inductees February 27, 2000

Michael and Helena Haener

Our first recipient is a lady whose contribution to bowling in the N.W.T. is beyond measure. She has probably raised more money for bowling than anyone, be it through chocolate sales, raffle ticket sales, bowling shirts and paraphernalia, bingo, Kids Help Phone, garage sales, etc. Most people will testify you can’t say ‘No’ to her.

She started bowling in the N.W.T. around 1980 and since then, has been very Involved at the league level, the zone level, the territorial level and the Y.B.C. level. She has been an exceptional volunteer and fundraiser.

She has served on League Executives over the years. In 1986 and 1987 She was the Treasurer for the NWT5PBA In 1988 she was the president for NWT5PBA. She was the NWT5PBA Lottery Chairperson for at least two years in 1989 and 1991. She was the Marketing Chairperson in 1992.

She is a Level Two Coach who has coached YBC locally, at the territorials and nationally numerous times. She has her Judge of Play and Scorekeeper certification, and has always helped out in these areas. She, has worked numerous fundraisers for the NWT5PBA, the YK5PBA, and Yellowknife Y.B.C. She has been active in the KHP fundraiser. She was Y.B.C. Coordinator several times.

She is also an accomplished bowler and has made the Territorial Open Ladies and Mixed Teams.

You would think she would have to reside at the bowling centre to put in all these hours, but during all this time, she has been married, raised five children, now has several grandchildren, has worked part time, and is finally retired but she is still bowling, and still as involved as ever.

Our other honouree has been equally involved, and if you need something done, he is the person to approach. He has been bowling in the NWT since around 1980 and has supported and promoted youth bowling, served on league executives, zone executives, and the NWT5PBA board for numerous years.

He never says no to volunteering and fundraising. He has been on the NWT5PBA board as the advertising chairperson since 1987. Be has worked most fundraisers put on by the NWT5PBA, the YK5PBA, and the Yellowknife Y.B.C.

He is a level two coach and has coached YBC locally, at the territorials, and nationally numerous times. He has coached the mens team at the National Open championships. He has Judge of Play and Scorekeeper Certification, lane inspection certification, and is always happy to help out in these areas.

He is one of the original builders and owners of the Polar Bowl, and has very generously sponsored numerous tournaments over the years.

He has owned and operated a business in Yellowknife for over thirty years and has recently retired. He is a family man, married, raised five children, and now has several grandchildren. He is still bowling and as involved as ever.

I have not mentioned their other community involvements which are numerous. I have limited their accomplishments to bowling.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a nice round of applause to the first inductees to NWT Bowling Hall of Fame.

Len mikehaen